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if x is an even number, what is the quotient of the next greater even number divided by the next greater odd number?

i have no idea where to even start with this problem. i would really appriciate some help. Thanks!

What can make me studdy harder?

hey tabby you put your question on the answer to my question. for better results, click on the "post new question" link and enter your question there. as for my response, i'd say don't think about studying, just study. if you keep thinking about studying, you'll dread it more.

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  1. There is no concrete answer to this question. However, you can solve it algebraically. The next greater even number is two greater than x; therefore its value is x+2. The next greater odd number is one greater than x; therefore its value is x+1. You divide and get (x+2)/(x+1). You can't simplify this, so that's your answer.

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