Case Study: General Andrew Jackson: Andrew Jackson's military career spanned several wars including the American Revolution, the Creek War, the War of 1812, and the First Seminole War. After the Creek War, Jackson and the Creek Indians signed the Treaty of Fort Jackson in which the Creeks ceded lands in Georgia and Alabama to the U.S. During the War of 1812, Jackson drove the British out of New Orleans and Florida, thereby proving the strength of the newly formed United States.

What can you infer about the impact Andrew Jackson had on the Native American population of the Southern states?

The population decreased rapidly.

The population increased slightly over time.

The population of Native Americans was unaffected.

The population decreased slightly then increased rapidly. I believe the answer is D.

5 answers

  1. Right.

  2. So I am correct?

  3. Yes,

  4. 1-b
    7-the Indian Removal Act, which gave U.S. president Andrew Jackson the authority to negotiate removal treaties with the Native American tribes.

  5. i got ya is correct! (i haven't gotten 7 graded though yet so i dont know if they're wrong about that)

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