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I wrote the balanced equation for cream of tartar and baking soda:

I identified the conjugate acid base pairs:
NaHCO3 and H2CO3, KHC4H4O6 and KNaC4H4O6
I wrote a balanced equation for carbon dioxide gas and water:
I determined the # of moles of cream of tartar needed to react with baking soda:
2.240 mol KHC4H4O6

Now I am stuck! Please help me set up this equation...

Now you want to determine the volume of the cream of tartar solution required to substitute for water based on the number of moles of cream of tartar required to react with the baking soda. You must determine the concentration of the acidic solution. Fortunately, you have a bottle of drain opener, a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide. The bottle claims the concentration of active ingredient, the sodium hydroxide, is 3.00 M. You know this is too strong, so you dilute it 1:10 to make a 0.300 M solution of NaOH that you will use to titrate the cream of tartar.
5. Write a balanced chemical equation for this acid-base neutralization reaction:

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  1. what is the concentration of a solution made by dissolving 1.2g of salt in 3.8g of water

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