what are some examples of each Core Democratic Value

What do you consider the core democratic values? Please post these values and what you think are examples of them. Then we'll be glad to help you.

Core Democratic Values are the ideals and qualities fundamental to democratic society and liberty. Basic values of Democracy emphasize personal liberty, human rights, and equality.

Life: A person has the right to live free from oppression, tyranny, and must be guaranteed the access to fundamental human rights.
Liberty: This includes personal freedom, political freedom, economic freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.
Personal Freedom: The right to think and act without government control.

Political Freedom: The right to participate in political process.

Economic Freedom: The right to buy, sell, and trade private property, and the right to employment without the interference of the government.

The Pursuit of Happiness: The right to pursue personal interests, as long as your pursuits do not violate the rights of others.
Justice: All people must be treated fairly and receive equal representation and unbiased judgement under the law.
Equality: Everyone must have the right to universal Political, Legal, Social and Economic equality. Everyone has the right to the same treatment regardless of race, sex, religion, heritage, or economic status.
Diversity: The differences in culture, dress, language, heritage, gender, and religion are not just tolerated, but celebrated as a strength.
Truth: People should trust and demand an honest and ethical government whose sole responsibility is to benefit the people.
Popular Sovereignty: The power and justification of government must come from the consensual agreement of the people to be governed.
Patriotism: The people or citizens show a love and devotion for their country and the values. They can show this by words or through actions. [1]

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  1. Equality

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