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need help how do this program.

Use the top-down modular approach and pseudocode to design a suitable program to solve it.
Alberta Einstein teaches a business class at Podunk University. To evaluate the students in this class, she has given three tests. It is now the end of the semester and Alberta asks you to create a program that inputs each student’s test scores and outputs the average score for each student and the overall class average. (Hint: The outer loop should allow for Ms. Einstein to input all the students, one by one, and the inner loop should accept the three exam scores and compute the average for each student.)

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1 answer
  1. for n=1,3
      print "name: ";read name
      for t=1,3
        print "test     score #:,t
        read s
        sum += s
      next t
      avg = sum/3
      print "average: ",avg
    next n

    You might want to use an array or two, but the problem didn't say to do so.

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