have to write an essay on this topic:

The constitution was an attemt to addrss the problems that existed under the Articles of Confederation.
A) list and explain three problems of decentralized power under the articles of confederation. for each problem identify and explain one solution that the constitution provided to address the problem.
B) The proposed constitution in 1787 also created a divide in American Politics. identify and explain one argument for ratification and one argumet against ratification of the new constitution.

can you please give me some sites i can visit that will help me with this.

Also for the introduction, how do i start it. my plan is write how the constitution and articles of confederation first started and explain it a little. is that good or too boring. what do you suggest.


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To find information about the problems under the Articles of Confederation and the solutions provided by the Constitution, you can visit reputable websites such as:

1. National Constitution Center (constitutioncenter.org): This website provides resources and articles about the Constitution, including its creation and the problems it aimed to address.
2. History.com: This website offers a section specifically dedicated to the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, which can provide you with a good overview of the topic.
3. The Library of Congress (loc.gov): The Library of Congress has an extensive collection of primary sources, including documents related to the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

For your introduction, it's important to provide some context and background information about the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. You can start by briefly explaining what the Articles of Confederation were, their purpose, and the problems they faced. Then, introduce the Constitution as a response to these challenges. It's essential to engage the reader and make the introduction interesting by highlighting the significance of the topic and its impact on American history.