If x and 3x-10 represent the measure of the acute angles of a right tringle find the value of x.


Let's take it step by step.

A triangle has 3 angles in it. Those three angles, when added together, is 180.

In a right triangle, one of the angles is 90 degrees. The other two angles are "acute angles." Acute angle just means it's so small, it's a cute angle. Ok...not what it means, but it might help you remember it a little better. An acute angle is an angle that is less than 90 degrees.

So we know the sum of all the angles is 180. We know one angle is 90 degrees. So also have the other two angles, at least an equation for them.

So if we add ALL 3 angles together, we will get 180. So....

90 (the right angle) + x (the 1st acute angle) + 3x-10 (the 2nd acute angle) = 180.

90 + x + 3x-10 = 180

Can you figure out "x" from there?


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  1. 90+x+3x-10is180. 90+4x-10is180. 80+4xis180. 4xis 180and 180 divided by 4 will be 45.

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