The length of a rectangle is 5 in. more than twice its width.?

How do I find the width of the rectangle.

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Divide the length by 2 it's going to be a decimal

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9 months ago

To find the width of the rectangle, let's first assign a variable to represent the width. Let's call it "w."

The given information states that the length of the rectangle is 5 inches more than twice its width. Mathematically, this translates to the equation:

Length = 2 * Width + 5

Since we are looking to find the width, we can rearrange the equation to solve for "w." Let's subtract 5 from both sides of the equation:

Length - 5 = 2 * Width

Next, let's divide both sides of the equation by 2 to isolate the "Width" term:

(Length - 5) / 2 = Width

Now, simply substitute the given length value into the equation and perform the calculation. This will give you the width of the rectangle.