In which of the situations listed below is energy being transferred as heat to the system in order for the system to do work? In which situation is work being done on the system in order for energy to be transferred from the system as heat?

a. Two sticks are rubbed together to start a fire.
b. A firecracker explodes.
c. A red-hot iron bar is set aside to cool.
B and C?

2. Identify the following processes as isothermal, isovolumetric, or adiabatic:
a. a tire being rapidly inflated
b. a tire expanding gradually with heating
c. a tire being heated while in a rigid metal container

I responded to this a few days ago. THe first depends on the system defined. It is not defined. It is silly to answer it without system being defined. What system?

The second. Tires are flat, the volume changes. The air is cooled as it expands.
a tire being heated changes temperature.

How can a tire in a rigid container being HEATED not gain energy?

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  1. I'm stuck on the same problem ten years later. Sigh, I got a test tomorrow too!

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