Clayton wants to be a musician. After school one afternoon, he spends half his time practicing the drums and 3/4 of the remaining time on homework and dinner. He spends the remaining 3/4 hour talking with and texting friends. How long did he practice the drums?

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  1. x - x/2 - (x/2)(3/4) - 3/4 = 0
    x = 6
    so, he spent 3 hours on the drums.

  2. Thank you, Steve!

  3. ok so the answer is 3 but i need to know how they did that and the process to get 3

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  5. Idk what you’re talking about i’m Only in 5th grade!

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  7. Im in 5th grade

  8. Isaac - I am trying to figure it out too.

  9. I wish I could help but I don't understand algebra :(

  10. Im in fifth grade i hope thats ok

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