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An archer must exert a force of 375 newtons on the bowstring so that the string makes a 35 degree angle with the vertical.

a)find the tension in the bowstring
b)if the applied force is replaced by a stretched spring, and the spring is stretched 30 cm from its unstretched length, what is the spring constant?

a)So far, I have no idea how to start the first problem. Do you use a force diagram or do you use the equation for work?

b) I know how to solve for K, with force of string is equal to -K*delta X. But I need to be able to find the tension before I do that.
Can someone please put me on the right track to solve for the first one?
Thank you!

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  1.           . T
              . T

    You need to draw a force diagram that looks like a letter Y,
    with tension T on each side of the arrow, and F=applied force = 375 N.
    With the known angle of 35°, you can solve for T by resolution into components or by triangle of forces.

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