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Q2.Plot three points with second coordinate equal yo (1.3) and join them .

Q3.What is the slope of the line y= -1/3x +3
(B)Does it slope upwards?
(C) It is steeper than the line y=-1/2x -5?
Give reason for your answer.

Q4.The equation of the straigth line P is 3y-2x=7
I) Find the y - itercept of p.
II)Find the x- intercept of p.
III)Find whether the points A (2,-3/2) B (-3/2,-5/2) are on p. IV) Make a rough sketch of p.
V) write the equation of p in standard form.
VI) What is the gradient of p?
VII) If (k,4) and (t + 1,t - 1) are points on p find k and t.

Q5.The equation of line l is 5x - 3y = 7 .What is the gradient of L?

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1 answer
  1. Q2. points with equal y-coordinate are all in the same horizontal line: y = 1.3

    slope = -1/3, so it slopes down.
    the other line has slope -1/2

    So, is -1/3 greater or less than -1/2?

    y-intercept is at x=0
    x-intercept is at y=0
    check the points to see whether they fit the equation. If so, they are on the line.

    standard form is Ax+By=C

    the gradient is -A/B

    3*4-2k = 7, so k=19/2
    3(t-1)-2(t+1) = 7, so t=12

    Q5. -5/-3

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