An inspirational image of an artist mid-action, creating a war-themed painting. The scene should evoke a sense of glorification of an unidentified nation's victory in a nondescript war. The image should then transition into portraying the Incan architecture, emphasizing similar design principles across various structures, suggesting unity. It should finally morph into a view of the towers of St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia, symbolizing undiscovered events. Remember, the image should not contain any text.

1. what is the role of an artist who creates a painting illustraiting a nations victory in war

A. to solve a problem
B. to glorify the nation.
C. to protest the war
D. to raise awareness of the war

2. The face that all Incan architecture shares similar design principles suggests that Incan value?
A conformity
B. creativity
C. Unity
D. Rigidity

3. The towers of St. Basils Cathedral in russia are symbolic of what events?
A. eight festivals
B.eight religious dances
C. eight battles
D. eight local holidays.
Please Check
1. B
3. ?

1 b

2 d
3 c
4 c
5 a
6 d
7 b
8 a
9 c
10 d
your welcome

1. B- to glorify the nation

2. D- cannonball on a barren landscape hint at the missing dead
3. C- unity
4. C- eight battles
5. A- bridges
6. D- balance and justice
7. B- images of the middle class
8. A- printer
9. C- through lighting techniques that mimic natural light
10. D- graphic artist

Lamp was correct, 5 is A.

I'm gonna be honest... Never thought I'd get the answers to a quiz from a lamp... I guess you could say... They're pretty BRIGHT?!

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Yeah Lamp is right

Lamp is correct for connections academy

Yup, Lamp is right, 5 is A. Although I thought it was B but I guess, A since it was specifically "Arches".


Yep, Damnnnn Daniellll is correct that Lamp is correct. I just did the Quiz (for Connections Academy).

Lamp is correct just did it on connexus :)