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I need help with these problems

1. Academic writing is defined by conventional forms of writing, such as ________.

A. research reports and case studies
B. editorials and arguments
C. summaries and problems
D. prose and poetry

2. Public writing includes ________.

A. fliers, memos, resumes, proposals, and thesis papers
B. business letters, memos, faxes, speeches, and web forums
C. business letters, resumes, memos, reports, and proposals
D. dissertations, resumes, memos, meeting notes, and proposals

3. When an academic writer uses outside sources, he/she should ________.

A. summarize the information
B. follow documentation guidelines
C. stay within a single discipline
D. try to assess the information from a reader's perspective

I think its A, B, then C?

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1 answer
  1. 1 is correct.

    2 is probably correct, but I'm not sure. How does your text define "public writing"?

    3 is incorrect.

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