Your weight on different planets is affected by gravity. An object that weighs 150 pounds on Earth weighs only 56.55 pounds on Mars. The same object weighs only 24.9 pounds on the Moon.
A)What percent of an object's Earth weight is its weight on Mars and on the Moon?
B)Suppose x represents an object's weight on Earth. Write two expressions: one that you can use to find the object's weight on Mars and another that you can use to write the ojbect's weight on the Moon.
C)The space suite Neil Armstrong wore when he stepped on the Moon for the first time weighed about 180 pounds on Earth. How much did it weigh on the Moon?
D)What if? If you could travel to Jupiter, your weight would be 236.4% of your Earth weight. How much would Neil Armstrong's space suit weigh on Jupiter?
**not sure if my weight is needed for D, but I weigh 105 pounds.

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  1. Mars 100 * 56.55/150 = 37.7%
    Moon 100 * 24.9/150 = 16.6% (about 1/6, remember that)

    Mars .377 x
    Moon .166 x

    .166 * 180 = 29.9 pounds (note 180/6 =30)

    180 * 2.364

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  7. (A) Mars - 37.7% The Moon - 16.6%

    (B) An expression you could use for Mars - x * 0.377; For The Moon- x* 0.166

    (C) Neil Armstrong's suit weighed 29.88 pounds

    (D) On Jupiter, Neil Armstrong's suit weighed 425.5 pounds

    (You don't need your weight for the answer to part D)
    I'm not completely positive my answers are right, but I hope this helps you!! Btw Jazmine E. people like me try because we actually want to pass, get good grades, and live a successful life. Have fun not trying and "wasting" your time studying.

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    A.) mars: 37.7% and the moon: 16.6%
    B.) mars: x: 0.377; moon: x: 0.166
    C.) his suit weighed 29.88 pounds
    D.) 425.2 pounds
    I am smart and don't cheat!

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