At a party, married people came with their husbands or wives. if half the women and 1/6 of the men in the party were single, what percentage of the people in the room were married?

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  1. If there are
    x married men (or women)
    y single men
    z single women,

    we want 2x/(2x+y+z)

    (x+z)/2 = z
    (x+y)/6 = y

    x = z
    x = 5y
    so, z = 5y

    2x/(2x+y+z) = 2*5y/(2*5y+y+5y) = 10/16 = 62.5%

    If 1 single man
    5 single women
    5 married couples

    there were 16 people in the room. 10 are married

    Naturally, any multiple of those numbers will also work.

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