the question is.. why did the ghost decide to haunt city hall? urgh i don't fee like doing it so im hoping someone has the answer :]

You might have gotten an answer if you'd told us the source of your question. To which story, poem, play are you referring?

i need the answer too

i too, need the answer for this question

yo the answer is hewantedtobethenightmare

yo Ms.sue its a math problem duhh like one of those figure out the math and for each answer you unlock the next letter.

i thought it was itwantedtobethenightmare

o___O where's the he from?
i actually did this worksheet.

Umm.. I did it too it starts with it.


the answer is it wanted to be the nightmare

20 answers

  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


  2. i need help whatare the numbers

  3. thankss!! u guys r awsome!!

  4. Thank you! This helped me a lot!

  5. lol thanks that was hard

  6. Thx this helped A-lot!!

  7. does anyone have a scanned copy of this worksheet available for me?

    Thank you!


  8. itwantedtobethenightmare

  9. hey thx that saved me time on that one

  10. My teacher teaches crappy so i don't even know how to do this

  11. hey the answer is it wanted to be the night mare and will u go out with me

  12. Omg anyone know how 2 solve them? lol

  13. The answer is IT WA NT ED TO BE TH EN IG HT MA RE

  14. ok... I just did this worksheet and its not that hard. All u have to do is solve the problems?

  15. Guys this easy for me lol :D

  16. Its all in the strategy

  17. Im actually doing it right now.. Thanks for the answer but, I need help with the work:o I hate substitution!

  18. y=2x


  19. it wa nt ed to be th en ig ht ma re

  20. I have that question too!!! 😭😭😭😭

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