ok, I totally did not get this question at all.

Complete each statement. Assume the variable a does not equal 0.

a. The graph of y=ax^2+c intersects the x-axis in two places when ______.
b. The graph of y=ax^2+c does not intersect the x-axis when ______.


Plz somebody explain this to me. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

This equation is a parabola. In order for it to intersect the x-axis in 2 places, the bottom point of the parabola has to be below the x-axis. Therefore, the point c, which is the minimum of the parabola (where x is 0) has to be less than 0. If c is >0, then it does not cross the x-axis, because the whole graph sits above the x-axis.

oh, i get it now!!! Thanx so so much! You guys help me out a lot!

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  1. y=-4x^2

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