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This essay should have 5 paragraphs.

In the 1st paragraph it must contain:
Attention-grabbing beginning.
Description of issue.
Opinion Statement.

In the 2,3, 4 paragraph should contain:
Different reasons for each paragraph.
Evidence to support.

In the 5th Paragraph it should be the conclusion and must contain:
Restate your opinion.
Summarize 3 reasons.
Call to action or closing statement.

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  2. What part of this don't you understand, Raj/Anonyms/Cessie?

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    Ms. Sue
  3. In this passage from “Boulders Taller Than the Great Tower of Seville,” which word signals a contrast?

    Although this was the warm season, no one could live in this canyon because of the cold.
    A. “Although”
    B. “this”
    C. “could”
    D. “because”

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