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Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points(0,5) and (-3,-4).

THis is what i did.



using points :(0,5)



so the slope of the perpendicular line is (-1)/(3)

When finding the slope, you got lucky. After (-4-5)/(-3-0) it is not 9/3, but -9/-3, which does equal 3. You got the slope right, but make sure you write it correctly.

The entire rest of the problem is correct.

so the perpendicular would be what i said of (-1)/(3).

and is it the same as : (3)/(-1).

The new slope is -1/3. But that isn't the same as 3/-1, that would be -3, which is different than -1/3

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1 answer
  1. Equation of line parallel to 2x+3y=6 through (4,-3)

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