how about expressing 230 parts per thousand (ppt) of SO4^2- in mol

per kg?

230 ppt is 230 g/1000 g = 230 g/kg.
Convert 230 grams into mols and you have it.

SO, I come up with an answer of 2.39 mol/kg. Correct?


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  1. calculate g/mol by writing out your molecular formula and using the atomic mass (g/mol) found on the periodic table for each element.
    e.g. H20 = (2*H)+O [or H+H+O] = (2*1.007)+15.9994 = 2.014+15.9994 = 18.0134 g/mol.

    230g/1000g is correct for ppt.

    230g/ (calculated g/mol) = number of moles in 230g.
    e.g. 230g / 18.0134g/mol = 12.7683 mol

    now you have: number of moles in 230g/1000 g.
    e.g. 12.7683mol / 1000g

    To express ppt in mol/kg remember to convert from g to kg!

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