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1. An investigator conducting a crime scene search at the scene of a violent crime has certain responsibilities and procedures to follow related to evidence collection. Of the following steps, which one is not required of the on-scene investigator?

A. Recognize or discover relevant physical evidence.

B. Handle and package evidence to avoid breakage, loss, contamination, or questionable chain of custody problems.

C. Record where, how, and by whom the evidence was collected.

D. Test blood samples collected for the presence of DNA.

is it D

2. When an investigator moves from examining related pieces of evidence at a crime scene to drawing an inference or developing an explanation of the crime from separate pieces of evidence or observations, the investigator is said to be using:

inductive reasoning.

deductive reasoning.

procedural reasoning.

preconceived notions.

is it A

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  1. I agree with both of your answers.

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    Ms. Sue

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