Which statement below best describes Cincinnatus and Julius Caesar?

A. Both men put the welfare of the Roman Republic above their own personal success and both obeyed the Senate in time of crisis.

B. Cincinnatus accepted the role of dictator in a crisis and then gave up his power; Caesar used a crisis to gain power and then made himself dictator for life.

C. Neither man wanted to take on the role of dictator because they valued the role of the citizens in a true republic.

D. Cincinnatus used his reputation as a general to gain political power; Caesar used his oratorical skills to convince the Senate to make needed reforms.

I think its C. :)

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  1. I meant B..... LOL oops

  2. I disagree.

  3. B is right.

  4. oh? I meant B. lol just mistypd in original question

  5. Ok lol ty can you hel with one more correction?

  6. Yes.

  7. Mark the statement if it describes Roman society during Julius Caesar’s time.

    A. Wealthy individuals owned and controlled most of the land.

    B. Few people were living in the cities.

    C. The government of Rome was corrupt.

    D. Civil war broke out.

    E. Romans were losing faith in their government.

    I put A, C, D, E...

  8. Are you still there?

  9. I agree.

  10. lnknikn

  11. I agree Julie and Ms.Sue even though I do not know you guys. My name is Madison but people call me Maddie. I am homeschooled.

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  13. I need help on a question, How did the dictatorship of Cincinnatus differ with that of Julius Caesar?

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  15. u guys if u scroll all the way to the top question i think its D

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