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i need help with writing nomenclature for the formula and the compounds

Sodium bisulphate
hydroiodic acid
ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
Calcium metal
ferrous bromide
sodium carbide
phosphate radical
liquid mercury
plumbic oxide
auric carbonite
sodium hydrogen carbonite
beryyllium biarsenic
sodium ion
acetate radical
nickelous phosphite
iodite radical

and can you check this if it is right???
sodium bicarbonate->NaHCO3
Neon gas-> Ne
silver ion-> Ag
Plumbous bromite->H2PbO2 BrO2

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2 answers

  1. The first two are right.
    Silver ION is Ag^+. Ag is silver metal.
    Plumbous bromite is Pb(BrO2)2
    Plumbous makes it +2 valence instead of +4. Bromite is BrO2^-

    I might be able to help with the first part of your question if I knew what the problem is.

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  2. i don't know how to write it into a chemical formula

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