Please help me with science genetics questions? Thanks to all who answer!! :)

1. Chromosome pairs contain different versions of genes, which are called ________. 2. The process in which body cells are duplicated in order to grow and repair body tissues is called _____________. The process in which the chromosomes in sex cells are reduced by half us called _____________. 3. A white mouse is crossed with a black mouse. All the offspring were grey. The genes for fur color in mice show ___________. 4. Genes are specific sections of ________________. 5. To pass its traits on to the next generations, an organism must _________________.

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  1. 1. alleles?

    2. mitosis, meiosis

    3. incomplete dominance?

    4. chromosomes

    5. reproduce?

  2. That's cheating Ma'am. I work for the Connexus, we have those exact questions, the Principal will be more that happy to take a child and devious as you out of school.

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  4. Randall, you are NOT part of Connexus. I go to school there, and you just don't work there.

  5. Number one is Alleles, Second one is mitosis, third one is meiosis,fourth one is Incomplete Dominance, fifth one is DNA, and the sixth one is Reproduce, Yep....

  6. Lol thx and haha Sorry Randall.. -_- I believe you though... But the good thing is, is that my name is snoopy! :D

  7. Did anyone else notice that Randall said Ma'am?
    Probably one of the punk kids at school who's mr./mrs. perfect
    No offense lol

  8. and if you do work for connexus why would she be on the "cheaters" site?

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  10. And there not cheater they probably just need some help if they don't wan to fail

  11. well this was a test so it was kinda of cheating you know!!!

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  19. Let's be honest, the only reason why they "cheated" is because connections academy makes their students worry more about grades than actually learning. And I've seen OCA use questions that public schools have used

  20. True story, Anonymous. I attend Connections too, and they stress a lot about Math, but besides that? It's just the grades that matter.
    "You didn't learn anything? Oh well. Better come in with a good report card, though, or we'll have to give you 'special care'"

  21. Well another thing is that all Connections use the same questions. I've seen it.

  22. i know. im at connections to and yes all they care about is grades. no you arent cheating, and randall isnt real.

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  24. 1- randall probably is not staff 2 "Randall" you know people do help on jishka.
    3- this is an open book test, but you didn't know that cause you don't work at INCA.
    4 you can't do S*** if someone goes to get help on another site. You can't find out who anyone even is.

    So Calm down and be more nice "Randall" (the mysterious staff member no one in INCA knows about).

    Shame on YOU! :(

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  26. I love the fact that only one or two people have actually answered these questions

  27. Stop giving CCA answers or else you will get kicked out of their school.

  28. This sure was amusing, But back to the question, I believe it's mitosis. Hopefully that's right.

  29. Please really This is not cheating OK This girl/boy just needs some help because they want to get a good grade unfortunately I don't know the answers I wish I did but I hope you got a good grade now if you all would just shut up and help the girl/boy I wish I could but again I don't know the answers sorry.

  30. Oh and Randall look Im sure that the principal would rather help the child i'm 12 and last year in connexus I did cheat but they just wanted to know why I did so and what they can help with. one more thing you don't even sound professional thank you.

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  35. guys, I realized that all this page has infact been dedicated to Randall and I bet that if he/she didn't post anything there would be just 2 or 3 answers. So... idk why any of u even care. Although I must say that these posts have infact been amusing to read.

  36. Oh, and I've been too polite, just saying Randall, if you know anything about this school "connection" ud know that the principle doesn't give a **** about banning someone. Also, you got so many spelling mistakes that you're probably just a kindergartner. No one calls a student "ma'am" if he's a teacher.

  37. BTW, ********* Randall and This is amazing are the same people

  38. i'm a student from connxus and no teacher there is named randall

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  40. although I don't know the answers this chat has been very amusing to read this is the best comment section ever lol

  41. so what are the answers?

  42. i get it you all hate Randall, but do it some were else so that more people can laugh at this small war. this is a answer check site not a social media on right?

  43. I look at it this way...what do adults do if they do not know an answer or have a question? THEY GOOGLE IT so we are preparing for adulthood

  44. Randall is correct. This is a cheating site and several teachers are trying to prevent it.

  45. i like how this went on for 3 years lmao

  46. bOi is right its funny

  47. Well. That was amusing, time to return to my schoolwork!

  48. I don't even know what I've stumbled into XD anyways, "Randall", You have no power to find any of these students using this site. I've seen the excuses from "teachers" talking about how they can find the students using this, and, if we're being honest, they really can't. This site is for homework help, and if some kids use it differently, oh well. I go to Connections Academy, and the school, like already stated, doesn't care wether you learned or you didn't, it's all about the grades residing in each lesson. Thanks.

  49. wow thanks for the fun reading and that picture is super cool again thanks LOL

  50. oh Randall Randall Randall. "Ma - am?" "I work for THE connexus?" WTF??!!?!?

  51. Lol Randall. I really want the answer but this is awesome so.... bad Randall

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  54. No one likes homeschool. You can't really call this cheating, because how can you expect us to know the answer when you only have that subject once or twice a week for an hour. It's true that we all care about our grades because this is stressful. You almost have quizzes every day and portfolios spammed at you. The quick checks are like worth your grad which is dumb in my opinion. If you mess one in a quick check your grade goes down. That's why I don't like homeschool.

  55. Look! Everyone needs to stop being so childish! Everyone is so mad about what Randall said...but who actually cares? Like really....what is cursing and getting all mad about it gonna All lot of you don’t even have the decency to realize the whole reason this conversation is here in the first place...someone needs help on a test! This site wasn’t made for drama. It was made to help.

  56. Why did it put that thing on some of my words?

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  58. To be honest, I wouldn't call this cheating. They just wanted answers. I mean, if you think about it, we just want to have good grades and not go to summer school. But omg, this chat is hilarious.

  59. so whats the answer?

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  61. I have an important point why is Randall on a cheaters site if he works "with Connexus" Not!!!

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