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Instant cold packs, often used to ice athletic injuries on the field, contain ammonium nitrate and water separated by a thin plastic divider. When the divider is broken, the ammonium nitrate dissolves according to the following endothermic reaction:

In order to measure the enthalpy change for this reaction, 1.25 g of NH4NO3 is dissolved in enough water to make 25.0 mL of solution. The initial temperature is 25.8 ∘C and the final temperature (after the solid dissolves) is 21.9 ∘C.

Calculate the change in enthalpy for the reaction in kilojoules per mole. (Use 1.0g/mL as the density of the solution and 4.18J/g⋅∘C as the specific heat capacity.)

After working it out I got -0.0064 kJ/mole, but it's not right. Anyone telling me how to solve this?

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1 answer
  1. heat lost by warm water + heat gained by cool water = 0

    [mass warm water x specific heat water x (Tfinal-Tinitial)] + [mass cool H2O x specific heat H2O x (Tfinal-Tinitial)] = 0
    Solve for Tfinal.
    Watch the units.

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