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A college student is using the following model to determine the total number of text messages she will have in the inbox in her cell phone, if she does not delete any of the current messages or future messages she receives in the next x days. In the model, y represents the total number of text messages in her inbox after x days.

y = 180 + 84x

What does 180 represent in the model?

a.) The maximum number of text messages she can receive in a day.
b.) The current number of text messages on her phone. <<<<<<
c.) The number of text messages she predicts she will receive per day.
d.) The number of text messages she predicts she will receive in 3 months.

A student had already read some pages in a book when he created the model below. The model tracks p, the total amount of pages read if the student reads for h hours.

p = 30h + 60

Which statement best explains the meaning of the slope in this model?

a.) The student will have 60 pages left to read after half an hour of reading.
b.) The student tends to read 60 pages per hour. <<<<<<
c.) The student tends to read 30 pages per hour.
d.) The student will have 30 pages left to read after 1 hour of reading.

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3 answers
  1. In the second one you mean c.) 30 pages per hour

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  2. and the 1st one.

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  3. Ok thanks

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