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After reading Macbeth and going to various websites in order to write an essay on who is responsible for the tragedy in macbeth, to write about the witches, macbeth, and lady macbeth leading to the tragedy.

If you want to get technical it was Lady Macbeth who was responsible for the tragedy because she was the one who planned everything, told Macbeth what and how to do it, finished the job on king Duncan when Macbeth was flustered, and was the one who did everything for the murders so they could go through with them. Lady Macbeth would do anything for her husband. She also changed in the book. Read back and look at how she changed to help Macbeth kill everyone to become king and take his place as the witches predicted.
The witches are not responsible because they only said what was to happen they didn't really enforce it.
Macbeth played a part in it but really listened to what Lady Macbeth told him to do.
If you can, can you help me out with my question? thanks.

This site will give you some ideas as to the source of tragedy in Macbeth.

Compare and contrast the developed of Macbeth and Lady macbeth.

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