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1. A football player pushes a tackle dummy forwards at a constant 0.85m/s for 11m using 7150J of energy. The tackling dummy mass is 120kg.

a) find force the player exerts?
b) what is the frictional force the dummy exerts?
c) what work is done by the friction as the dummy is slid along the field for 11m?
d) Is mass necessary for this question? if not, what force question could be asked that would require the mass of the dummy?

2. A person pushes a hockey puck with their stick at an angle so the vertical force is 22N [down] and the horizontal force is 45N [forward]. Assume the ice is frictionless.
a) what is the actual force the hockey plaer transmits to the puck?
b) what is the work done by the person pushing the stick if they push the puck for 3.0s as it moves with a constant velocity of 22m/s [forward]

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