1. If 8, x, y and 27 are four consecutive terms of a GP, find the values of x and y.

  2. Prove: 1+(TanA/SinB)^2/1+(TanA/SinC)^2 = 1+(SinA/TanB)^2/1+(SinA/TanC)^2

  3. jason went shopping,

    he bought a watch and a pair of trainers for a total price of £53.55, this price includes a 15%loyalty discount. before the discount the trainers were priced at £38 work out the price of the watch before the discount

  4. A uniform cylindrical container is half filled with water. The height of the

    cylinder is twice its diameter. The cylinder is gradually tilted until the water touches the brim. At this instant, the container is inclined at which angle: 1.30 2.45 3.60 4.75

  5. Prove that:(cos40-sin30)/sin60-cos50=tan50

  6. We have Rs.100/-.If we spend Rs.100/-and balance is Rs.102/-,show how is Rs.2/-extra

    Spent Balance Day 1 Rs 40 Rs 60 Day 2 Rs 30 Rs 30 Day 3 Rs 18 Rs 12 Day 4 Rs 12 Rs 00 -------- -------- Total Rs 100 Rs102......?

  7. A student says that a speed of 50m/s is faster than a speed of 140km/h because the number is bigger.What would you say to them?

  8. An iron pipe of internal diameter 2.8 cm and uniform thickness 1 mm is melted and a solid cylindrical rod of the same length is formed. Find the diameter of the rod.

  9. solve in simultaneous method

    a+2b=13 2a-3b=5

  10. Amita wants to make a mold for a candle. She wants the shape of the candle to be rectangular prism with a volume of exactly 28 cubic cm.

    The answer for this question is given as 10 molds. Can you explain in detail how the answer is 10 to better understand.

  11. A ship travels at a steady speed. It takes 43 hours to cover a journey of 1032km. What is the speed of the ship?

  12. Rounding off 87392 to the nearest 1000

  13. the average attendance of a class from Monday to Wednesday was 39 and that from Wednesday to saturday was 39.5 . what was the attendance on Wednesday, if the average attendance from Monday to Saturday was 40 ?

  14. A speed camera takes two photographs of a car.Photo 2 was taken 0.5 seconds after Photo 1.Marks on the road are 0.8 meters apart.Calculate the average speed of the car in m/s?

    7.2 m/s but when i submit answer i get 2 marks only not full 3 marks what am I

  15. the first three terms of an ap are x, (3x +1) and (7x -4). Find the value x and 10th term

  16. In A Two Digit Number, The Sum Of The Digits Is 14. Twice The Tens Digit Exceeds The Units Digit By One.Find the Numbers.

  17. A 4cm long chord subtends a central angle of 60 degree what us the radial segment of the


  18. Which one is heavier? 1 mole of pbd4,1 mole of H2 And 1 mole of pb(no3)2

  19. If the lcm of first 20 natural no.

    is x then find the lcm of first 25 natural no.

  20. An ant is crawling along the x-axis such that the graph of its position on the x-axis versus time is a semi-circle. The total distance covered in the 4 sec is

    1. 4 m 2. 2 m 3. 2 pie m 4. 4 pie m

  21. Evaluate : 20142015×20152014 – 20142014 ×20152015

  22. Two observers P and Q 15m apart observe a kite in the same vertical plane and from the same side of the kite.The angle of elevation of the kite from P and Q are 35 degree and 45 degree respectively.Find the height of the kite to the nearest metre.

  23. Olivia reads 2/5 of her book on Monday. On Tuesday she reads 1/6 of what is remaining. On Wednesday she reads the final 35 pages. How many pages are in the book?

  24. Three circles of radius 1 unit fit inside a square such that the two outer circles touch the middle circle and the sides of the square. Given the centres of the circle lie on the diagonal of the square, find the exact area of the square.

    I got the answer 18

  25. A sector of a circle of radius 7cm subtending an angle of 270 degree at centre of the circle is use to form a cone?

    (A)find the base radius of the cone. (B)calculate the area of the base of the cone.

  26. Mathew is attending a very loud concert by the discarded. To avoid permanent ear damage he decides to move farther from the stage. Sound intensity is given by the formula I=k/d*d where k is the constant and d is the distance in metres from the listener to

  27. Isosceles triangle $ABE$ of area 100 square inches is cut by $\overline{CD}$ into an isosceles trapezoid and a smaller isosceles triangle. The area of the trapezoid is 75 square inches. If the altitude of triangle $ABE$ from $A$ is 20 inches, what is the

  28. Solve the following equations

    4x – 3 = 3x + y = 2y + 5x – 12

  29. What's the loan + interest for the following

    1. 500naira for two weeks at 100naira per week. 2. 2000naira for 3weeks at 1naira in each 10naira per week

  30. A box with no top is to be built by taking a 6'' - by - 10'' sheet of cardboard and cutting x - in. squares out of each corner and folding up the sides. Find the value of x that maximizes the volume of the box.

  31. Helen has some black tiles, some white tiles and some grey tiles. She places a single row of

    8 tiles above her washbasin. Each tile she places is equally likely to be black, white or grey. Find the probability that there are no tiles of the same color next

  32. Let r'(t) represent the rate of growth of a dog in pounds per year. What does r(t) represent?

    What does integral of 2 to 6 r'(t) represent about the dog?

  33. A committee of 6 people is to be selected randomly from a group of 11 men and 12 women. Find the number of possible committees if:

    a) a particular woman is included b) a particular man is not included c) there are to be 4 women and 2 men

  34. The slope of a curve is equal to y divided by 4 more than x2 at any point (x, y) on the curve.

    A. Find a differential equation describing this curve. B. Solve the differential equation from part A. C. Suppose it’s known that as x goes to infinity on the

  35. Suppose that the height of a hill above sea level is given by z= 1000 -0.01x2 – 0.02y2. if you are at the point (60,1000) in what direction is the elevation changing fastest? What is the maximum rate of change of the elevation at this point?

  36. The point P is reflection of (-2,10) on the line 4x-3y=12. Find the coordinates of P.

  37. Akwasi spent 1/6 of his pocket money on food,3/5 of the remaining on transportation and 1/12 of what still remains on sweet.If he still had Gh22 left.a.Find his pocket money. much did he spend on food. much did he spend on transportation.

  38. Nine cards are numbered 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, 6, 6.Three of the nine cards are chosen and placed in a line, making a 3-digit number. Find how

    many different numbers can be made in this way if the number is between 200 and 300. Tell me answer in terms of

  39. from the top of a tower,the angle of depression of boat is 30 degree.if the tower is 20 metre high ,how far is the boat from the frot of the tower

  40. In a class of 80 students 53 study art,60 study biology,36 study art and biology,34 study art and chemistry,6 study biology only and 18 study biology but not chemistry.Illustrate the information on a Venn diagram.Determine the number of student study

  41. In class 8m, there are 27 pupils. There are twice as many boys as girls. How many boys are there?

  42. Solve the equation: 3x-2/8 = 8+5x/2

  43. The difference of two numbers is 5600.the smaller number is 34500.what is the bigger number

  44. Points x and y are respectively 12m north and 5m east of point z.calculate xy

  45. IF length of rectangle is 20 & breadth 5cm, find the side of square which is equiangular with rectangle.

  46. In a box of chocolates,

    •one-fifth are plain chocolate •one-sixth are white chocolate •the other 38 are milk chocolate. How many chocolates are there in the box?

  47. A ship is sighted from the top of a lighthouse. The angle of depression from the lighthouse to the top of the ship is 45 degrees. The distance from the top of the lighthouse directly to the ship is 4 miles. Calculate the horizontal distance of the ship

  48. critical thinking: follow the steps below to find how many combined points were scored by Howie and Theo. write a number sentence to show how to solve the problem. points scored: Howie 272,Theo 325 and Isabel 288.

  49. The perimeter of a rectangle is 72 m.The base is 3 times the height. Find the area of the rectangle.

  50. A cylindrical container has a base radius of 6m and lenght is 17m. calcuateits -total surface areas -curved surface areas -volume

  51. sameena has round pencil case and a square pencil case there are 4 blue pens and 3 red pens in round pencil case there are 4 blue pens and 5 red pens in square pencil case work out the probability that pens sameena taken are both red solution

  52. If the sum of the G.P is 63.5 except for the first term,

    sum is 127 except the last one, and the sum is 31.5 except the first two terms, then the number of terms in GP Is

  53. A sum of money was to be divided among A, B, and C in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5. The largest share amounts to $1200.

  54. the acute angles of a rhombus are 76 degrees if the shorter diagonal is of length 8 cm calculate of the sides of the rhombus to the nearest mm

  55. A machine is used to fill cans of soup with nominal volume of 0.5 litres.The quantity of soup actually delivered is normally distributed with mean m litres and standard deviation s litres.It is required that no more than 1% of cans should contain less than

  56. A ship leaves a port and travels 21km on a bearing of 32 and then 45km on a bearing of 287 calculate its distance from the port and the bearing of the port from the ship

  57. A cone height is 9cm has a volume of n cm3 and a curved surface area of ncm2. Find the vertical angle of the cone

  58. X is partly constant and partly varies as y.when y=2,x=30,and when y=6,x=50.

    A.Find the relationship between x and y. B.Find x when y =3

  59. if a spinner is divided into 6 equal parts ,when it's spun, what is the probability of spinning on 4?

  60. The first 2 values in ascending power of x in the expansion of (1+x) (2-x/4)^n are p+qx^2.Find the values of n,p,q.

    👍 0 👎 0 👁 31 asked by Raj today at 12:10pm (2 - x/4)^n = 2^n - n*2^(n-1) * (x/4) + n(n-1)/2 * 2^(n-2) * (x/4)^2 - ... = 2^n -

  61. A boy walk 1260 m on a bearing of 120 how far south is he from his starting point.

  62. An aeroplane leaves a point on latitude 54°S at 10 flies due south at a steady speed at 800km/h. (a)what is the latitude at mid-day(b) At what time does it pass over the south pole

  63. find the number of ways of choosing a school team of 5 pupils from 6 boys and 8 girls if 3 of the boys are cousins are either on the team or all not in the team.

  64. Musa is 12 years older than his sister Bisi, in 4 years time Musa will be twice as old as Bisi. Find their present ages.

  65. Luisa travels 25 km in 3 3 4 hours. She walks part of the way at 4 km/h and cycles the rest at 12 km/h. How far did she walk?

  66. The smallest positive integer value of n for which 168 n is a multiple of 324

  67. Two missiles, 2420 km apart, are launched at the same time and are headed towards each other. They pass after 1.5 hours. The average speed of one missile is twice that of the other. What is the average speed of each missile?

  68. In a survey of 240 television viewers, 3/5 indicated that they like comedies, some indicated that they do not like comedies, and the rest did not respond. If one of the 240 viewers is selected at random, the probability is 1/15 that the viewer selected did

  69. Two wires support an electricity pole. if the wires make angles of 58°and 67° with the ground and |AB|=21m, calculate the lengths of the wires

  70. Solve the equation: sin^-1 (4x^4+x^2) = 1/6 pi

  71. The sum of 2 numbers is 14. The product is 40. What is the largest of numbers?

  72. A map is drawn to a scale 1cm to 10km find the actual distance represented by 54 mm

  73. How to write y²+6y+9+4y⁴ in standard form

  74. The total distance from Timothy's house to school was 9.18 km.He travelled by bus for part of the journey and walked the rest of the way.The distance he walked was 7.95 km less than the distance he travelled by bus.How far did Timothy walk.

  75. A right pyramid on a base 4cm square has a slant edge of 6cm.calculate the volume of the pyramid

  76. Change these fractions to twentieths and then arrange them in order of size, smallest first.

    7/20 2/5 3/4 7/10

  77. The radius of a wheel is 7 cm. In covering 44 km, how many revolutions will it make?

  78. A circus artist drops a ball from a high wire. The ball takes 1.5 seconds to reach the ground.

    I) Find the height of the ball above the ground. II) How fast is the ball moving as it hits the ground? Write an expression for the speed of the ball t seconds

  79. A conoical funnel 12cm deep and 15cm in diameter is full of is emptied into a cylindrical tin 10cm in diameter.calculate the height of the liquid in the tin

  80. In a competition ,5 points were awarded for each game won and 2 points for each game were deducted for each game lost .A pupil attempted 15 games and got 54 points .How many games did the pupil win?

  81. If sec(x+y),sec(x),sec(x-y) are in A.P. then prove that cosx= +-√2 cos y/2 where cosx and cosy are not equals to 1,

  82. A man 1.5m tall is 15m away from a tower 20m high.What is the angle of elevation of the top of the tower from his eyes?

  83. A geometric series has three terms. The sum of the three terms is 42. The third term is 3.2 times the sum of the other two. What are the terms?

  84. 2,x,y are the first three terms of an arithmetic sequence.If the 2nd term is decreased by 1.The three terms will form a geometric sequence.calculate x and y

    and my working out is that if i said x-1

  85. A storage container is in d form of a frustum of a right pyramid 4m square at d top and 2.5m square at d bottom. If d container is 3m deep, what is its capacity in m3?

  86. The arc of a circle of radius 20cm subtends an angle of 120degree at the center.use the value 3.142 for pie to calculate the area of the sector correct to the nearest cmsquared

  87. An aeroplane flies from a town x on a bearing of N45°E o another town y,a distance of then changes course and flies to another town zon a bearing of s60°e.if z is directly east of x,calculate to correct 3significant figures,

    A.the distance of x

  88. 3. Which of the following examples would show a negative trend?

    A) height and weight of students B) test scores and height of students C) outside temperature and heating bill D) none of these 4. The scatter plot below shows the relationship between the time

  89. The bearing of A from B is 060 degrees. What is the bearing of B from A?

    Is it: a) 60 degrees b) 240 degrees c) 120 degrees d) 200 degrees p.s. The questions I sent earlier was an acccident To get reciprocal bearings, add 180 Thanks bobpursley

  90. Sam's dad spends 1/2 of his salary every month on rent and 2/5 on petrol. What fraction is left to spent on food and other necessities for the month?

  91. On Saturday Derek picked pears from 32 trees. His picked average of 17 pears per tree. Sunday he picked more pears averaging 12 pears per tree. Over the whole weekend he picked an average of 14 pears per tree. How many trees did Derek pick from on Sunday?

  92. X varies directly as the product of u and v and inversely as their sum. If x=3 when u=3 and v =1, what is the value of x if u=3 and v=3

  93. A closed tin is in the shape of a cylinder of diameter 10cm and height 15cm. Use the value 3.14 for pier to find

    A.the total surface area B.the value of the tin to the r=nearest 10naira,if tin plate cost #4500 per m2

  94. A closed tin of milk has a diameter of 10 cm and height 16 cm , find the total surface area of the tin {take pie to be 22/7}

  95. A salesman allows a discount of 125% for each payment calculate the actual amount the salesman pay for an article with a marked price of #950.

  96. A curve is such that dy/dx = 2- 8(3x+4)^-1/2

    - A point P moves along the curve in such a way that the x-coordinates is increasing at a constant rate of 0.3 units per second. Find the rate of change of the y-coordinates as P crosses at the y-axis.

  97. A chord 6.6m long is 5.6m from the centre of the circle.find the radius of the circle.

  98. A map uses a scale of 1:100 000.

    If a road is 15 km long, how long will it be on the map?

  99. If 13 times a number is subtracted from the square of the number, the result is 30. Find the number

  100. A flat rectangular roof measures 7.5m by 4m,12mm of rain falls on the roof.

    (a)find the volume of water on the your answer in centi-cubic metre and cubic metre. (b)find the mass of water that falls on the roof if 1centi-cubic metre of water has