1. Why did Russia's withdrawl from the war hurt the Allies?

    A The Russians had almost won the war before they had to withdraw B Germany was able to travel to Russia to attack the allies C The Russians begin to fight against the allies D Britain and France face

  2. According to Americans living in the cities what was I sign of a communist revolution in the United States and the rise of mass culture be labor strikes see the deportation of anarchist did the great migration

  3. How did attitudes towards Native Americans affect the development of industry in Washington?

  4. after the Dred scott decision, Frederick Douglass said he sought to have americans live up to the principles of the constitution. What did he believe prevented americans from living up to the constitution?

    A. manifest destiny B. abolition<- my anwers C.

  5. War in the Pacific quiz answers anyone I need help bad, I need 1-12

  6. How did Ghana’s rulers make sure that gold remained an important trade good?

    A. They made beautiful jewelry from it. B. They traded it for salt. C. They controlled how much of it was available. D. They required that all coins be made from it. Is it B?

  7. In which of the following areas did reconstruction have the most positive effect

    A:education B:agriculture C:urbanization D:poverty reduction

  8. 1. Which of the following happened in south carolina during reconstruction?

    A. The state developed an oil industry. B. The state stopped cotton production. C. The state built an iron industry. D. The state rebuilt its railroad system.

  9. Why did a stalemate occur along the western front during World War I?

    a.Development of the tank allowed for Allied forces to stop the German blitzkrieg, leading to a standstill. b.Failure of the Schlieffen Plan led the Russian army to stop the German

  10. How did Europeans justify controlling territory around the world?

    A.Europeans believed they needed international ports to transport goods. B.Europeans believed other territories wanted to be conquered. C.Europeans believed new territories were needed as

  11. The two sources of opposition to the reform of emperor tewodros were

  12. Marcus Whitman chose a site among the cayuse, for from the Nez Perce who requested his services. Analyze how Marcus Whitman's selection of the Waiilatpu mission site revealed something of his character and future work? Explain

    Explain how settlers

  13. Which best analyzes criticisms of the New Deal?

    a.The New Deal was seen as promoting American dependency on the federal government. b.The New Deal was widely condemned for decreasing the power of the United States Supreme Court. c.The New Deal was

  14. Following the Glaveston hurricane of 190 residents adapted to their environment by

    A- raising much of the city to prevent future flooding B- moving all the buildings a half mile from the coast C-leaving the island and moving to cities such as Houston D-

  15. Which identifies the conflict that arose over rubber production in the Belgian Congo?

    A.The establishment of a company town by the Belgian Stock Company led to a riot by the unionized workers of the Congo. B.Demand for rubber and Belgian debts led to the

  16. What was a main cause of the Italian Independence War in the 1860s?

    A.opposition of the Italians against King Victor Emmanuel B.Austrian occupation and rule of northern Italy C.Napoleon’s conquest of the Italian peninsula D.a mutiny by Italian soldiers

  17. How did the negative impact of European colonization outweigh the positive effects?

    a.The poor treatment of native cultures eclipsed the economic improvements brought by European colonization. b.The inclusion of indigenous peoples into a new national

  18. How did the Chinese government react to the fall of Communist Russia?

    The Chinese government predicted that its own system could collapse, since it had been based on the Soviet Communist model. When Soviet states withdrew from the USSR, Chinese diplomats

  19. Which was an effect of Russia’s desire for increased control of warm-water ports in the mid-19th century?

    A.Russian conquest of Siberia and Central Asia in order to gain access to Silk Road trade routes B.the scheduling of the Berlin Conference by Otto

  20. Which examines the impact of Napoleon’s territorial conquest on the world?

    a.Napoleon's conquest of Spain led to independence movements in Spain's colonial holdings in the Americas. b.The establishment of the Napoleonic code allowed for the codification

  21. What was the purpose of using culture to spread the message of the Russian Revolution?

    a.The Nationalists sought to brainwash the Russian people into accepting their authoritarian rule. b.The Stalinists needed to prove that their form of socialism was a

  22. Why is it possible to find fossilized sharks teeth near the city of Macon, which is located along the Fall Line in central Georgia, far away from the Atlantic

    Ocean? A) Native Americans who Ived near the Ocmulgee Mounds and sharks teeth, dispersing them

  23. Which of the following was NOT a result of the industrial revolution

    1. A decrese in child labor 2. Pollution 3. The use of clocks 4. A decrease in the middle class The answer according the book is #1 except I am confused all the child labor laws came in. I

  24. What caused the United States to enter World War II on the side of the allies?

    A. Germany’s attack on Britain B. Japan’s attack on the pearl harbor Hawaii 👈This one C.Germany’s invasion in Poland Germany’s invasion in Poland D. Japan’s

  25. Zhou rulers claimed that they had won the Mandate of Heaven because they

    How did the zhou king control his vast kingdom What did zhou artisans discover

  26. What connection does the author draw between Wilma's childhood illnesses and her later drive in sports?

  27. What was the purpose of the freedmens bureau

    A.to allow former slaves to vote B.to grant former slaves a piece of southern land C.to repeal the black codes D.to assist former slaves with getting jobs, education, food, and cloths*** Can someone please check

  28. Which accurately describe how perpetrators of Armenian Genocide were dealt with?

    (Select all that apply.) a.The United Nations placed pressure on Turkey until it held trials for those responsible for the genocide. b.A few of the highest-ranking Turkish

  29. Which identifies a principle that Leninism opposed?

    a.free market economy b.nationalization of industries c.dictatorship of the proletariat d.one-party government c?

  30. Which is a difference between the policies of Hitler and the politics of Mussolini?

    a.Mussolini aggressively pursued a policy of militarization, while Hitler sought only diplomatic methods of foreign policy. b.Hitler implemented a large-scale hunt to

  31. Which defines the Young Turk Revolution?

    a.the spread of the industrial revolution to the Ottoman Empire prior to WWI b.the overthrow of the Ottoman government in favor of communism c.the modernization of the Turkish society under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

  32. Which explains the decline of Japan’s isolationism?

    a.The elimination of isolationist policies in Japan was caused by the need to raise money through tariffs on imports. b,Limited natural resources on the islands of Japan led to the end of isolationism

  33. What can you infer about the northeastern states by looking at the maps ?

  34. What are the two cultural backgrounds of a majority of Mexicans?

    A. Mexican Indian and African B. Native American and British C. Spanish and British D. Spanish and Mexican India I Think it is A or C PLS HELP

  35. The effects of world war 2 are best judged as?

    A. Very unimportant because the war lasted only a short time B. Somewhat unimportant because the United States and it’s allies won C. Neutral because wars still take place around the world D. Very significant

  36. Which accurately describes how the transmission of disease impacted the indigenous people of North and South America?

    European explorers transmitted the bubonic plague, decimating the native people of North and South America. European explorers transmitted

  37. Which event killed 50 million–100 million people worldwide after World War I?

    a.flu pandemic b.malaria outbreak c.earthquake-triggered tsunamis d.the Bolshevik Revolution a?

  38. What event led the United States to enter World War II?

  39. Which most accurately describes New Imperialism?

    a movement of European intellectuals who used reason to advance political ideas connected to liberty and equality a period of political change advancing the belief of balanced global governance and

  40. Which describes a military strategy in which two forces simultaneously attack both flanks, or sides, of an enemy formation?

    a.Fabian strategy b.war of attrition c.scorched earth d.pincer movement d?

  41. Social Studies 8 B

    U.S. Power in Latin America Lesson 3 unit 4 Anyone know these im so confused

  42. Which country most accurately represents an example of the growth of anti-colonial sentiment after World War I?

    a.China b.India c.Egypt d.Russia b?

  43. Why was Vietnam key to the US curbing communism in Asia?

    a. None of these answers. b. Vietnam and the US had strong economic ties. c. Vietnam was a major supplier of rice to the United States. d. Vietnam had a direct tie to Japan which the US had thus far

  44. 1.What are typically asked of children during the Htravel on the oregon trail?

    Collect firewood.** Cook the meals. Hunt deer. Drive the wagon. 2.Why would settlers choose to use oxen to pull their wagons rather than mules? Mules were thought to be

  45. Which accurately describe the causes of the contentious relationship between President Truman and General MacArthur? (Select all that apply.)

    a. Truman favored a containment policy on Communism, while MacArthur wanted to pursue the Communist forces into the

  46. Which is the best example of frictional unemployment?

    A plumbers contract with an apartment building ending College graduates looking for their jobs after their intenships Workers being laid off during a period of recession <----- A company moving to

  47. 1.Which geographic features especially challenged settlers on the Oregon Trail?

    Cliffs and caves. State borders and plains. Rivers and mountains.** Flat grassland. 3.Why were settlers reluctant to settle in the area of Washington before 1846? It had been

  48. What were the early effects of the Industrial Revolution on the working class?

    1)Members of the working class enjoyed shorter working hours and better living conditions. 2)The working class obtained greater opportunities for advanced education. 3)Members of

  49. Which of the following factors is impeding economic growth in India?

    A. poor infrastructure B. its command economy C. microlending D. outsourcing Which was the eventual outcome of the conflict between East Pakistan and West Pakistan in 1971? A. India helped

  50. Religions in Europe PortfolioChristianity vs. Islam in Feudal Europe

    Catholics vs. Protestants in Renaissance and Reformation Christianity vs. Native American religions in Global Convergence 2. Develop a Research Question You may use the guiding questions

  51. which most accurately indentifies an aspect of Leninism?

    a. multiparty political structure b. capitalist economic policies c. government control of major industries d. abolition of all religious influence in society D?

  52. Compare and contrast the response of the french people to the rule of louis xvlll and the rules of charles x

  53. A circuit in a home provides power to a light fixture. The homeowners want to use a compact fluorescents bulb but with less energy How is this possible?


    How did the discovery of the Zimmermann Telegram play a role in the entrance of the United States into the war? A: It threatened nuclear war on the U.S. B: It promised U.S. territory to Mexico in exchange for assisting Germany. C: It offered support to

  55. The primary reason that the US decided to enter into the conflict in Vietnam can be explained by the “domino theory.” What is this theory and how does it apply here? Explain in a fully developed paragraph.

    (use these sentence starters) The "domino

  56. People of souther Ethiopia known to have fiercetly resisted the conquest of menelike as a result of which they suffered ruthless treatment inclued in the inhabitant of ______.

  57. One of the most forceful voices for abolition was William Lloyd Garrison. A white Quaker, he strongly opposed the use of violence to end slavery. Still, Garrion was more radical than many others, because he favored full political rights for all African

  58. 1.why was spindletop significant in Texas history?

    It showed people oil was a dangerous business It showed how poorly an oil well could be run It sparked environmental protests It was the start of an oil boom in Texas ** 2. Which was a negative affect of

  59. The civil service strengthened the Han empire because officials were not allowed to service in their home districts. Why was this?

    A. they needed to understand different parts of the empire to do their jobs successfully B. They could not then organize with

  60. How have geographic factors such as limited water resources affected the economic development of Texas?

    A. The lack of readily available surface water has led to the draining of underground aquifers faster than the aquifers can be replenished, costing the

  61. I need help with the Utah’s Land and Its First People Unit Test with every answer

  62. What is the main topic discussed in the Analects of Confucius?

  63. How did Napoleon’s conquest impact Europe?

    a.The French conquest of Austria led to a reduction of the Ottoman Empire. b.Napoleon’s invasion of Great Britain led France to gain international territories. c.Many Germanic territories were united for the

  64. How did John Calhoun react to the Tariff of 1828?

    A. He used his power as Vice President to influence President Jackson to oppose the tariff. B. He led a charge to impose sticker regulations on the second bank of the United States. C. He devised a force

  65. Which accurately describes the development of Nazi camps for Jews?

    A. Jews were placed in concentration camps for the duration of the war, where most died from hard work or natural causes. B. Initially, Jews were interned in concentration and labor camps

  66. Which of these were outcomes of the Council of Trent?

    A) transubstantiation was removed from doctrine B)the Vulgate Bible became the only legitimate biblical source C)predestination was supported over free will D)indulgences were to no longer be sold I

  67. Which terrorist group has been a major force in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen?

    A. the Taliban B. Hamas C. the Islamic State, or ISIS D. Al-Qaeda

  68. Which statement about ethnic groups in Southwest Asia is accurate?

    A. Arabs are the majority in every country in the region. B. Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the region. C. Kurds make up the largest ethnic group on the Arabian Peninsula. D. People

  69. Which concept did the Maya understand before European did?

    a. Architecture b. Calendars c. hieroglyphics d. the number zero

  70. 2. James Fulbright was best known for which of the following? Select all that apply.

    Obeing against desegregation Obeing an advocate for world peace O being tough on organized crime Obeing an advocate for the common man O being knowledgeable of foreign

  71. Which option evaluates how imperialism influenced Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America?

    a.European powers took local resources from colonies and created a system of communism in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. b.The spread of European religion

  72. Which identifies the impact that Napoleon had on history?

    A.Napoleon’s withdrawal of civil liberties led to laws that promoted minorities’ rights for citizens throughout Europe. B.Napoleon’s expanded empire led to the adoption of the French language

  73. Which battle was a major turning point for US and South Korean forces during the Korean War?

    a. Battle of Pork Chop Hill b. Spring Offensive c. Battle of Heartbreak Ridge d. Inchon Bay landing Is it D?

  74. Which best suggests why Russia, China, and North Korea engage in malicious cyberattacks?

    The populations of these nations rank high in computer literacy. Their languages feature non-English fonts which aid encryption. They are renegade states beyond the law

  75. read the expert and answer the question.

    Whoever does right, whether male or female, and is a believer, also to enter the garden. -Quran which statement provides a valid generalization that can be inferred from the expert? a. Men and women have equal rights

  76. Which identifies the relationship that Communist governments such as North Korea and China have with the media?

    News outlets are strictly prohibited by the government in Communist countries. The media has near-complete freedom in Communist countries as a

  77. How did the Crimean War change life in Russia?

    a. Russia's defeat in the war sparked calls for political and social reform. ********* b. Russia's investment of wealth and the loss of lives in the war led to a crippling depression. c. Russia's proven

  78. What effects did imperialism have on World War I?

    (Select all that apply.) a.Millions of colonial troops served in World War I in Europe and affected the outcome of key battles. b.Indian troops in the British Empire refused to fight and used the war as an

  79. What prompted the federal government to negotiate with Samuel Gompers, the head of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), during World War 1?

    A. the realization that the government could improve the lives of working men and women B. the need for peaceful

  80. How did the invention of the steam locomotive impact the job market in the 1800?

  81. Which accurately describes life events of explorer John Smith?

    1. John Smith was the founder of Quebec City and known as the Father of Canada 2. John Smith was the first explorer to set foot on Florida 3. John Smith was a Portuguese explorer and the first

  82. In which country was Saddam Hussein the leader?

    A.Syria B.Kuwait C.iran D.Iraq

  83. What was the main issue that divided people in South asia

  84. What circumstances might keep a journalist from publishing a true news story?

  85. 1. Based on this early illustration of the town, what is one reason why Francis Lowell's partners

    might have chosen this area to build the factory town of Lowell? (1 point) OA river ran through the location and could be used to power the factories. There

  86. Why did conflict erupt between President Johnson and Congress after Lincoln's

    assassination? A. Southern Congressmen agreed with President Johnson's Radical Reconstruction Plan. B. Republicans disagreed with President Johnson's Reconstruction Plan. C.

  87. How did the United States try to protect its allies before entering the world war?

  88. Which reason best explains why certain areas of Southwest Asia have low population density?

    A. The semi-arid climate makes farming difficult because it produces very little rainfall. B. The moist climate limits job opportunities because it reduces oil

  89. Which statement describes a social effect of postwar urbanization in Texas

  90. What were the factors responsible for the development of long distance trade?

  91. Who benefited the most from the fsa program

  92. The majority of people working at Johnson space Center are

  93. Watch this very short video about the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965. What were some of the ways that this act helped U.S. citizens?

  94. Drag and drop the events to arrange them from the event that occurred first to the event that occurred last.

    Mohandas Gandhi organizes boycotts and protests of Britain. India and Pakistan are partitioned into two states. The British government takes control

  95. What was the name for the trend of raising fences or hedges to farm sheep?

  96. Why did cotton production gin increase in the 1850s in Texas?

  97. What did Jesus teach were the most important commandments? Select the two correct answers.

  98. Which of these answers describes something that happened to public schools during the great depression

    Some public schools had to close School lunches were not served every day Teachers in rural areas were not always paid Students dropped out early to get

  99. What was one emphisis of the constitution of 1845?

    A: Fiscal responsibility b: Freedom of former slaves C: Importince of high Texas D: increase state debt Why was the Texas constitution of 1845 twice as long as he written before it select all that apply

  100. In four, explain how the structure of the First Amendment supports equal weight of each freedom it guarantees.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,


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