1. William McIntosh, a half-Scottish and half-Creek chief, and several other Creek signed the first and second Treaty of Indian

    Springs. As a part of the treaties, McIntosh... A) secured his own county in Georgia's western territory. B) gave up nearly all of

  2. Name two factors that give federal courts jurisdiction over a case...

    1:Because of subject matter 2:The parties involved in the case Is this correct?

  3. Under feudalism, who was directly responsible for protecting the people?

  4. Why were many Texans angered by Davis's governorship?

  5. 1. Based on the early illustration of the town what isn’t one reason why Francis Lowell’s partners might have chosen this area to build the factory town of lowell?

  6. Jacksonian Democracy would appeal most to which group

  7. Why was Stephen Austin able to establish a colony in Mexican territory?

    A. The Mexican government gave him a land grant. B. He claimed the land for himself. C. The U.S. government gave him an exemption. D. The local farmers were generous.

  8. Which phenomenon would be cited as evidence of increased economic interdependence between Europe and Americas?

    A. the agreement on the Line of Demarcation B. the condition on the Middle Passage c. the depopulation of Native Americans D. the development of

  9. How did the Han government differ from the Qin government?

    A.The Han revived Confucian learning suppressed by the Qin. B.The Han imposed harsher laws than the Qin. C.The Han created a more centralized government than the Qin. D.The Han encouraged trade less

  10. 1: Which of the following is true about foreign policy in the United States?

    A:The goals of foreign policy may change depending on the president, but the methods used are always the same. B:The methods used to enact foreign policy may change depending on

  11. What did the first civilization in Asia and Africa have in common?

    A They emerged along sea coast b. They had organized governments c. They lacked social hierarchies d. They practiced monotheism. My answer is D

  12. Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence.

    Kabuki is a form of drama that A influenced the development of Noh B was performed for the common people C was popular at the Heian court D Took place on a bare stage Might be B but can ya check my answer

  13. 1. What effect did the Fugitive Slave Act have? Select all that apply.

    A. It convinced Northerners that slavery was immoral B. It convinced Southerners that Northerners would help return slaves. C. It convinced slaves that they were free to travel to the

  14. Han society was bound together by the imperial bureaucracy and ______

    . . . Under the Han, the salt and iron industries were________ . . . . Which of these would be an example of lacquerware? A. a painted box with a protective coating B. a scroll covered in

  15. Why did Southerners resist the increased tariff in 1828, arguing it should be nullified?

    A. It was not helpful to any section of the country. B. It benefited one section of the country at the expense of another. C. It increased the market for cotton. D. It

  16. why did southerners resist the increased tariff in 1828

  17. Hey guys i have been at this for like 3 hours i need some sleep but i need to finish these two questions can y'all help

    Would you prefer to own a business in the German economy or British economy? Why? Compare and contrast the governments of Great Britain

  18. Look at the picture. It shows the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, one of the earliest cities of the Indus Valley civilization. What have scholars concluded about the civilization by looking at ruins such as these? What have they not been able to determine yet?


  19. What is the connection among sectionalism, slavery, and states’ rights as causes of the Civil War?

  20. Why did Quakers and other religious leaders in the North oppose slavery?

    A. They believed it was a sin for one person to own another person. B. They had many African American followers. C. They felt African Americans should be fairly paid for their

  21. What was the Rendezvous and why was it important to the Mountain Men?

    A. It was the largest trading company in the West and the Mountain Men traded their pelts to the company for supplies. B. It was a fort where the Mountain Men got supplies and meet and

  22. Why was the presidency of George Washington considered to be so significant?

  23. How were the lives of children in the middle of the nineteenth century different from previous generations?

    A. They were working in factories or fields. B. They were children of professional parents. C. They were given the opportunity to go to college. D.

  24. Use the image to answer the question. What was likely the main purpose of this propaganda from the world war one era?

    A. To gain financial assistance for the American troops B. To encourage eligible Americans to become soldiers C. To convince immigrants to

  25. what was the purpose of the federal troops occupying Texas after the civil war?

    1.to conduct military trials to place previous confederate officers on trial. 2.to ensure that Texas rejoined the union appropriately.****(my answer) 3.to provide training and

  26. What was the main response of the middle class to the challenges of city living?

    A. escape to the suburbs B. move to high-rise apartments C. rent out tenement buildings D. attend vaudeville shows Which of the following was the most compelling reason for

  27. Which of the following conclusions about the freedman's bureau is best supported by the illustration?

    A. It's assisted only african americans B. it employed only women C. it provided education to people of all ages** D. its students passed the literacy

  28. According to Laozi, what is the Dao?

    A.the home of the heavenly spirits B.respect for authority C.the natural way of the universe D.reverence for ancestors What is the main topic discussed in the Analects of Confucius? A.proper behavior and ideals

  29. With which statement would BOTH FDR and Reagan agree?

    A. Government must protect freedom of speech. B. Government must resolve inequality of wealth. C. Government must hold businesses accountable. D. It is government’s role to resolve social problems.

  30. How did economic reforms in Turkey in the late 1900s improve the Turkish economy?

    A. Turkey made it easier for people to start new businesses and form private companies. B. Turkey invested in government projects, putting money into the economy. C. Turkey

  31. Why do you think state and local governments have a major role in providing important services? Why doesn't the federal government take on more of this role?

  32. Drag each government power to the correct branch of Roman government.

    enforced the law controlled foreign policy--- Assemblies passed the laws elected magistrates-- Assemblies BOXES ------------------------------------ Assemblies ------------------------

  33. Which of the following is evidence that ancient Greek literature and theater is still important today? Select all that apply.

  34. Why did so many Texan men fight in the Civil War?

    A) Texas was located near much of the fighting. B) Nearly all Texans were required to fight. *** C) Texas had more people than most other Confederate states. D) Texans believed the war would be long and

  35. Please help! This is really confusing @_@

    In a paragraph, interpret the message of this Thomas Nast political cartoon, which shows Boss Tweed laughing as he is being arrested while the Shadow of Justice looks on. Be sure to read the captions carefully and

  36. Why did Shi Huangdi tear down the walls of Chinese kingdoms?

    A. He needed building materials for the Great Wall. B. He wanted to ensure the nobles could not defend against him. C. The walls did not meet his standard specifications. D. He wanted the walls

  37. "Name one main success and one main failure of the Republic of Texas government. Then, tell how these factors contributed to Texas’ annexation by the United States." what are some?

  38. President Jackson introduced all of the following political procedures EXCEPT

    A. mudslinging B. party platforms C. cabinet advisors D. the spoils system ** 2. President Jackson encouraged other states to pass the same _____ laws as south carolina A.

  39. What reason did Jefferson give for urging passage of the embargo act

    A. To protect American traders B. To avoid war over seized ships ***** C. To increase power of the Republican party D. To decrease the power and influence of new England merchants

  40. 1) Which of the following best represents the two perspectives of imperialists and anti-imperialists?

    A. for foreign treaties vs. against foreign treaties B for annexing new territory vs. against annexing territory C. for building an elite upper class vs.

  41. Which of the following statements best describes Maya cities.

    A. They were built on islands in lakes. B. They grew up mainly in the highlands. C. They had relatively few buildings. D. They had Pyramids

  42. How did the early Indo-Aryans measure their wealth?

    A. in cattle B. in horses C. in the number of chariots they owned D. in corn

  43. 1. Why did early Chinese civilizations and dynasties thrive for thousands of years with little outside influence?

    A. The Great Wall prevented invasions.***** B. The Chinese did not need to trade for goods and resources. C. Mountains and deserts provided

  44. How did early people who lived in the Pampas differ from early people who lived along the coast of what is now southern Chile?

    A. People in the Pampas ate more land animals. B. People in the Pampas were more likely to farm. C. People in the Pampas were more

  45. In what way was the Khmer empire influenced by India?

    A.The Khmer empire used an adapted form of India's writing system. B.The Khmer empire was conquered by India. C.The Khmer empire's common people practiced Buddhism. D.The rulers of the Khmer empire built

  46. Choose which aspects of civilization scholars still have questions about for the Indus Valley civilization. Select all that apply.

    city planning kind of government** reading their writing establishment of farming** used wheights and measurements reason for

  47. Of the following statements, which one MOST accurately represents Koryo culture?

    A. Traditional dress of Korean women mirrored that of Chinese women. B. Civil service exams and government jobs were open to all Koreans. C. Only aristocrats could own property

  48. help i have a portfolio assignment on the Mexican-American war and i have no clue what to do

  49. Which fact best illustrates the role of Manifest Destiny in the U.S.-

    Mexican War? A) Most Mexicans still thought of Texas as part of their country B) The U.S. took Texas without regard for Mexico’s claims.**** C) Mexico refused to negotiate with the U.S.

  50. Which accurately describes origins and outcomes of Latin America’s fight for independence during the 19th century?

    Many parts of Latin America were fed up with the dictatorial rule of the Spanish Crown and consequently fought for and won independence.

  51. Use the drop-down menus to complete the following sentence.

    Although blank did have some positives like creating a uniform legal code, it generally through severe punishments.

  52. What were the main concerns of Jerry Falwell and his followers in the Moral Majority?

    pls I need them fast the quiz is clintons legacy

  53. Which two groups of people most directly benefited from Song innovations and the Song dynasty’s open-border policy?

  54. 1. The United States belongs to which of the following international associations? Select all that apply

    A. Warsaw Pact B. United Nations C. League of Nations D. British Commonwealth E. North Atlantic Treaty Organization 2. Which activity is part of civic,

  55. How did Ming emperors try to erase Mongol influence on China? Select all that apply.

    A. They restored the civil service system. B. They embraced foreign trade. C. They became suspicious of foreign visitors. D. They rejected Confucian values. E. They moved

  56. What was a primary cause and result of the Mexican Revolution?

    the inability of the communist party to improve the economy led to a new democratic reformation the abuse of power by the monarchy led the abolishment of hereditary titles the desire to rid

  57. Which of the following statements explains why the Aztec continually waged war?

    The Aztec needed prisoners of war to work the land. The Aztec needed more people to help build their pyramids. Th Aztecs needed prisoners of war for religious sacrifice.* The

  58. Which of the following is a reason why few people live in Siberia ?

    A. the long distances between cities create isolation B. the permafrost makes the construction of roads and buildings difficult C. the region has several active volcanoes and frequent

  59. 1.) Why did so many Southern cotton planters move to Texas in the mid-1800s?

    Slavery had been banned in other Southern states Demand for cotton in Europe was at an all time low Enslaved orders could still be imported from Africa They had exhausted the soil

  60. Annexation was generally favored by which group in the U.S.?

    Abolitionists Catholics Northerners Southerners I think the answer is either C or D, Could someone please explain the better answer choice to me?

  61. Which of the following were actions that motivated Radical Republicans to seek the impeachment of President Johnson? Choose all that apply.

    A. President Johnson encouraged former Confederate states to reject the Fourteenth Amendment. B. President Johnson

  62. Match the achievement with the dynasty that accomplished it.

    The Choices: I Think This Dynasty Invented it: Great Wall Of China Qin Dynasty WheelBarrow Han Dynasty Crossbow Zhou Dynasty Writing System Shang Dynasty Please check my answer!

  63. 1. What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas?

    A. to end a war between Spain and Portugal B. to give Portugal control over the Spice Islands C. to divide the non-European world between Spain and Portugal D. to create a trade agreement between

  64. How did the population of Texas change after the U.S-Mexican War?

    It declined as people fled ruined lands.**** It became more Tejano in border regions. It grew as Anglo settlers mirgated from the Old South. It shifted eastward due to American Indian

  65. 1. Why did the British want to expand control into the Ohio Valley in the mid 1700s?

    A.To force the French out of North America***** B.To put French settlers there under English rule C.To demonstrate Britain’s strength to France and Spain D.To gain access

  66. Which accurately describes how spices impacted the Age of Discovery?

    The papacy banned spices discovered in South America because the Church believed they caused hysteria and immoral behavior. European monarchs sought to control the spice trade with Asia to

  67. Which factors contributed to the success of Latin American independence movements?

    Select all that apply. The support of George Washington boosted the morale of revolutionaries. Great Britain assisted Latin American leaders militarily. Rough terrain made it

  68. All day long and in all places I am always fastening upon you, stirring you and persuading you and

    reproaching you. You will not easily find another like me. Use the passage to answer the question. 1. In the passage, what Greek philosopher describes his own

  69. What caused the Radical Republicans to reject Presidential Reconstruction?

    It kept the Southern states separate from the Union for too long It provided too much government assistance to African Americas It was too easy on the Southern secessionists It was

  70. Which accurately describes the significance of explorer Amerigo Vespucci during the Age of Discovery?

    Vespucci was the first European explorer to successfully circumnavigate the world. Vespucci led expeditions to the New World, and the Americas are named

  71. How did the U.S. government try to enforce the Treaty of Payne’s Landing?

  72. What was the original purpose of the Bill of Rights?

    A) to give the people their natural rights B) to restrict the power of the national government C) to restrict the power of the national and state governments D) to give power to the national government I

  73. Which of the following best describes Richard Nixon’s policy towards the Soviet Union?

    A. He relaxed tensions through détente. B. He enforced a boycott of the Olympic games. C. He convinced the Soviets to lower oil prices. D. He negotiated an end to a

  74. Which of the following are contributing factors to de facto segregation in America today?

    A:judicial rulings and political parties B:executive action and interest groups C:state legislation and public opinions D:housing patterns and economic opportunity***

  75. Please check my answers please. Thank you!

    1. The U.S. economy is a free enterprise system. True* False 2. Work you do for pay is called a _____. service industry diverse workforce job* volunteer job 3. When there are many people seeking the same job, this

  76. Which of the following were the different social classes in ancient Greece?

    A. slaves, metics, men, and women B. men, women, children, and slaves C. oligarchs, aristocrats, kings, queens, and ephors D. aristocrats, small farmers, tenant farmers, metics, and

  77. Which accomplishment most likely helped the Incan emperor maintain rule over widespread lands?

    A The Inca built a vast network of roads B The Inca developed a uniform system of writing C The Incan emperor claimed ownership of all land D The Incan emperor

  78. Which features describe the religion handed down in jewish scripture? Select all that apply.

    A) Belief in opposing forces of good and evil B) Call to spread jewish belief in the diaspora C)Guidance from the sacred text known as the torah D)Obedience to the

  79. Which of the following would NOT describe Mississippian Indians? (1 point)

    A.were a nomadic tribe, never staying in one place for long B.were known to decorate themselves with tattoos and jewelry C.relied on hunting and agriculture for food sources, growing

  80. Which of the following statements is NOT correct about John F. Kennedy?

    A. He was the youngest elected president. B. He was the first president to be born in the twentieth century. C. He focused exclusively upon domestic matters rather than foreign affairs.

  81. What was the most significant political effect of Reconstruction plans on Texas?

    Texas rejoined the United States Carpetbaggers shaped politics in Texas Texas was overseen by many different governors Two main Unionist groups which different viewpoints

  82. During the election of 1824, many south carolinians were concerned by?

    Answers: A. The monroe doctrine B. The national party conventions. C. The ongoing cotton prices D. The end of slavery in northwest territory. I have no idea and the article I'm supposed

  83. The Underground Railroad used escape routes that went throughout the South. Based on that fact, which of the following conclusion could be made?

    A) The Southern states were leaning toward emancipation of the slaves. B) Slaves were hopeful to acquire jobs in

  84. What is the role of religion in Iran’s government?

    A. Iran’s government is elected in free and fair elections, and religious leaders rarely win. B. Iran’s government is led by a secular president who has more power than the religious Supreme Leader.

  85. What are stupas?

    A. Buddhist monasteries and shrines B. Buddhist commemorative burial mounds C. war memorials D. Asoka's principles for moral law my answer is a How did Asoka’s rule lead to a prosperous India? A. He conquered nearby Greek-controlled

  86. Can someone help me with these 2 questions please? thanks!! :)

    1. Why did President Madison veto a bill that supported government funding of internal improvements? (1 point) The Second Bank of the United States did not have enough money to pay for the

  87. 4. Which of the following represents elements of foreign policy? Select all that apply.

    declaring war <<< balancing the budget <<< recognizing diplomats engaging in interstate trade

  88. Please help within the hour thanks.

    Which factors kept invaders out of Arabia? A.Hot temperatures and deserts B.Cold temperatures and mountains C.Lack of water and cold temperatures D.Lack of water and mountains

  89. Which defines propaganda?

    a realistic art form intended to depict the authentic lives of peasants a tribute paid to a king in order to receive political favor and benefits social and economic benefits provided by the government to prevent rebellions

  90. What idea did the twentieth century leaders adopted from Henry David Thoreau?

    Civil disobedience Different drummer theory Inner light Individualism

  91. Drag and drop the country names to classify them by their majority religion.

    Here is what I think: Indonesia-----Buddhism Thailand--------CHRISTIANITY Malaysia------BUDDHISM the Philippines-----ISLAM

  92. 1. Which statement best summarizes why the population of African American slaves in Texas increased so much by 1860?

    A. Wages for farm workers had dropped significantly. B. The cotton industry had entered a boom period C. The supply of available land was

  93. What was an achievement which helped contribute to the downfall of the Zhou?

    A. introduction of coins B. iron metalworking C. Confucianism D. wheelbarrow

  94. Which of the following do the British and German economies have in common? Select all that apply. A. high wages due to investment in human capital B. a strong government role in a mixed economy C. coastline for ports of entry and trade D. strong

  95. What were the effects of the Zhou metal workers mastering iron? Select the two correct answers.

    A. The Zhou conquered the warlords and were the first to unify China. B. Iron made stronger, more effective farm tools and increased crop yield. C. Iron weapons

  96. A map of the results of the Missouri Compromise.

    A map shows the free states and territories and the slave states and territories as of the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise line is at 36°30' North. Free states and territories include the

  97. What is an example of the excessive taxing, or overtaxing, of serfs under feudalism?

    Serfs were only given a few pieces of equipment. Serfs had to rent land on the manor. Serfs had to pay to have the grain they grew milled at the manor mill. Serfs collected

  98. Which of the following did fifteenth and sixteenth century European explorers find in the Americas?

    A evidence of earlier European colonies B. largely unsettled lands C. many distinct native civilizations D small groups of roving nomads. My answer is C

  99. Which of the following encouraged competition among European powers for influence in Mughal India?

    A)control of the spice trade B)demand for beaver fur C)desire for gold ****** D)interest in territorial expansion

  100. Select the boxes in the table to show which country the statement applies.

    Iraq Turkey Syria a.A U.S. led invastion resulted in Saddam Hussein losing power. b.Civil War has challenged Basha al-Asad's regime. c.The election of Tayyip Erdogan has threatnened