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Jim’s music library on his phone holds 1,900 songs. The songs have an average time of 3.5 minutes. Use scientific notation to find the total number of seconds the playlist will play. Express the answer to the exact decimal place.(1 point)

3.99×10^4 seconds

0.399×10^6 seconds

3.99×10^3 seconds

3.99×10^5 seconds


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Kendra finds the dimensions of a sticky note. She uses a meter stick to determine that the dimensions are 1.25×10^−8 meters wide by 2.5×10^−6 meters long. Use scientific notation to write the dimensions in millimeters.

1.25×10^−11 by 2.5×10^−9 millimeters

1.25×10^−10 by 2.5×10^−8 millimeters

1.25×10^−5 by 2.5×10^−3 millimeters

1.25×10^−6 by 2.5×10^−4 millimeters

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